2023 Changes

So the big question being asked is: “What’s changing in 2023?”. And the answer is, physically, not much. I have been pretty happy with the initial layout, and found it ticked 90% of the boxes that I wanted to tick. A few minor adjustments are being made as below.

I have bought a few mini trees to go underneath the arches, and two more singing bulbs. These guys will make a trio and will live next to the singing tree. And finally, where the original bulb was on the roof, a fourth snowflake to match the other three.

The other change is the addition of a matrix array to the solar panels. I am still toying with ideas with how this might work; including using seed pixels.

One other final change is moving the Bethlehem star from above the front entry way to be on top of the house. I think this will act more as a centre piece; and certainly will stand out a bit more. It was hidden behind the palm tree fronds last year, and didn’t create the impact I was hoping from it.

Here’s a quick sneak peek of what it may look like; from xLights.

I have also got a few more sequences on the way; these are professional ones which I have obtained through various means. It should really help the display pop and I’m looking forward to showcasing them in 2023.

Another sneak peek of a sequence in progress, and a section of it’s output. WordPress seems to munge the images a bit unfortunately.

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